Side by Side 5B:Values & Information

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  • 出版年:2011[民100]
  • 出版社:來來圖書
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Side by Side is a series of worktexts with accompanying Teacher's Guide for the elementary level which offers a refreshing approach that integrates the teaching of language skills that reading to give the learner a wide range of meaningful and relevant contexts. It integrates grammatical, structural, phonological, lexical, situational, and functional approaches and varied reading strategies which focus on developing communicates and higher order thinking skills.


  • LESSON1 Books(p.1)
  • LESSON2 I Remember(p.10)
  • LESSON3 Road Signs(p.21)
  • LESSON4 The Force Within(p.34)
  • LESSON5 Hello!(p.42)
  • LESSON6 Choco Magic(p.48)
  • LESSON7 Thank You(p.58)
  • LESSON8 Salt and Salty(p.69)
  • LESSON9 Einstein(p.79)
  • LESSON10 Born or Made?(p.87)


E.D. Antonio is a candidate in Doctorate of Education and the coordinator of writers on various subjects. She also wrote several educational books and had attended various seminars, workshops, and conferences worldwide; Los Angles, Michigan, Chicago, Guam, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Taiwan.